Meet the Team


Urdu Rang, Arhsia Key sang Arshia Shahzad, is a poet, a business owner, and the author of recently published, “Gihuncha ai aar Gihuvaan”, has devoted much of her time partaking in various Social and Community Events in the Ottawa Area. She has also spent 8 years volunteering as a Tae Kwon Do instructor with the achievement of earning a Black Belt. In addition, she has also contributed her last 8 years as an active and serving member of the South Asian community through the on-air broadcast of “Urdu Rang Arshia Key Sang”. She hopes to continue to provide innovation and eager creativity to the already active and progressing community to which she belongs.

Kasturi & Ravi

Bhooley Bisrey Geet Permanent fixtures on the Ottawa arts scene, Kasturi and Ravi have always had a love and passion for the evergreen melodies of Bollywood. A native of Trinidad, Ravi grew up listening to the voices of Lata and Kishore, while Kasturi, a film and documentary graduate, brings her breadth of Indian film knowledge to each episode.


Bollywood Hunggaama Born and raised in Fiji! Bollywood is her World – Songs, Dances, Movies and Gossip to the Lives of the Stars (Salman Khan is her favourite), B-World is full of Entertainment. She loves Radio, talking to people, listening to music (her day starts and ends with music). So don’t forget to catch her on Bollywood Hungaama!

Imperial Desi

Cruise Control Imperial Desi (Anuj Joshi) was born and raised in Sydney, Nova Scotia. After moving to Ottawa in 1995, he emerged on the Desi Music Scene bringing with him a unique and original old school Bhangra flavour. You can catch him every Friday on Cruise Control!


Bhangra Nation & Mirch Masala Mix Made in India, packaged in Canada…Hunsdeep has a passion for Arts & Culture! After growing up in Mississauga and Montreal, Ottawa has been home for the host of Ottawa’s Mirch Masala Mix and Bhangra Nation. His experience includes hosting Marquee Events and Fundraisers, while bringing new and unique ideas to the Socio-Cultural Scene in Our National Capital Area … God Bless O-town!

Our Programs

Mirch Masala Mix

Mirch Masala Mix is the ultimate MIX that Ottawa awaits on a daily basis and offers the South Asian Vibe and Urban Rhythms combined with weather and traffic updates make this segment the perfect drive home with HUNSDEEP!

Urdu Rang, Arshia Ke Saag

Urdu Rang, Arshia Ke Saag offers urdu poetry, ghazals and recitals that are as unique and special as the creativity of its talented host…ARSHIA!

Bhooley Bisrey Geet

Bhooley Bisrey Geet takes you back to the wonder years of Bollywood from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and is a perfect way for you to retreat to the unforgettable melodies with KASIURI & RAVI!

Bollywood Hungaama

Bollywood Hungaama offers the latest selection from Bollywood while you enjoy the hits from today and tomorrow along with the updates on your favourite film Stars with PRAYEEN!

Cruise Control

Cruise Control brings you a vibrant urban-desi style music selection showcasing artists that offer the perfect match for generation next -hosted by Ottawa’s finest mix-master IMPERIAL DESI!

Apna Punjab / Bhangra Nation

Apna Punjab I Bhangra Nation is your avenue to the Land of the Five Rivers, offering traditional folk sounds as well as the latest and greatest from the bhangra music circuit.  Canada’s longest running bhangra music show is hosted by HUNSDEEP!